There are classier descriptions of I Can't Date Jesus found all across Al Gore's Internet, but frankly, my book is more or less, a memoir-in-essays about learning how to enjoy fucking without the fear of God. I write about things like being approached for the priesthood; how I deal with sexual racism; what I make of marriage now that I have the legal right to become a divorcée; what it's like trying to create closure on your own terms with parents and the trauma of the past. Oh, and dating and thotting 'cause this isn't about being totally downtrodden and sulky. In my mind, it's like David Sedaris if David Sedaris' dad had gold teeth.

Nice people have said good things about the book over on outlets such as Entertainment Weekly, Vogue, Elle, Buzzfeed, Bitch Media, Vulture, the Los Angeles Times, and others. And lovely folks like Roxane Gay, Janet Mock, Lena Waithe, Samantha Irby, Bomani Jones, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Kiese Laymon have all offered kind words on I Can't Date Jesus. This ain't bragging; this is please, baby, baby please buy the book type begging.



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